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I'm Tiffany Truong

I’m a scientist-turned-product designer based in New York City. I used to spend most of my days in the research lab running experiments, but now I craft pixels together for web & mobile products with the goal of improving user experience.


I'm Tiffany Truong

I am a passionate designer who strives to create engaging visual and interactive experiences with the user in mind. With 3-4 years of experience in design, and a diverse portfolio spanning across industries such as NASA and healthtech, I possess the skills and expertise needed to bring your product to life.

Product Design
Enterprise Data

ESG Flo  

This is the story of how I designed ESG Flo's sustainability compliance MVP from 0 to 1, leading to increased user acquisition upon product launch

Product Design


This is the story of how I improved workflow efficiency around uploading patient documents for clinical trial studies in the healthcare space

UI/UX Design
Data Visualization


This is the story of how I created a visual tool for data plots to help inform scientists and engineers when a rover is approaching unideal temperature conditions

Web Design


A snippet of some website redesigns that I did for small businesses to improve visual design and user experience, leading to increased customer engagement

Product Design

Google Aria

This is a capstone project where I explored the idea of a Google Health product that enables diabetics to monitor their blood glucose levels and other vital health symptoms

UI/UX Design


This is a capstone project where I explored the concept of a music identification feature and how it might look if embedded into Spotify's current UI

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